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Photo Contest Winner! Enjoy your 1,000 karmas!


Congratz Chad!  What a super scanner you must be.  Such happiness!  Such zeal!  Wonder what you will donate your 1,000 karmas to...


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Great concept but I am confused, no where could I in 15min of searching find the $$$ of 10 or 100 karmas. Sorry but until that's more clear I have no idea whether 10,000 karmas are $.10 or $100... and changing my buying behavior for what I think is a good cause but also is of infinite marketing value to companies interested in knowing about consumer behavior???

What concerns me is why it's so hard to find?

Hoping for a positive answer, but skeptical about the true motives of the creators of this "service" until proven otherwise.

What does it matter how much money each karma translates to? Could be a penny for all I care. Say it is a penny, then that means that my 1000 karmas aka ten bucks are going to go where I want it. To a cause that I care about. The concept behind this app is entertaining with a positive kick. Plain and simple. I wish people would stop trying to make it more complex that it really is. Some scam by big brother to delve into your private life and discover your inner most secrets? Get over yourself. Lets say you like micky dees. You go to micky dees and check into that location and earn a few karmas. Now big brother knows that you go to micky dees and throws a few micky dees ads your way letting you know that big macs are gonna be on sale next week. This is bad how?

Wow. That's a lot of money. I wonder what he did with the money he won? How much did he actually win until the end? He is just so blessed to have participated on that contest and won a big amount of money. I just wished he used it responsibly and that he gave some for charity.

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