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30 posts from March 2010


CauseWorld Contest Launches Tomorrow


Causer Testimonial: Changing The World In Your Free Time

“It’s straightforward and effortless.  It’s even more straightforward than texting [donations]. There’s also the bottom line that I’m not personally donating the money to the cause, but I’m just using my free time at whatever location I am at and that the underwriters, Citi and Kraft Foods, are stepping in and leading the charge.”

– Holt Murray on how CW differs from other ways of giving


Fight Poverty In Africa: The Story Of BRAC

BRAC On February 16, Fazle Hasan Abed, the founder and chairperson of BRAC, was knighted at Buckingham Palace in London in honor of his work reducing international poverty, especially in Bangladesh.  CauseWorld has partnered with BRAC, which is dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the poor to change their lives.  Help us fund microfinance programs that give loans to fight poverty in Africa.

Learn more about the organization...

...and see the direct impact you have.


Carbonfund.org Launches Million Tree Challenge Campaign: Take a note from Johnny Appleseed

CarbonFund Tree It's Our Earth, Please Take Action Now.  Help Us Plant a Million Trees.

Deforestation is responsible for about 20% of global warming. Reforestation is a critical part of the solution. 

Planting trees benefits everyone:

-Absorbs carbon dioxide to reduce climate change

-Improves air quality

-Preserves biodiversity

-Controls flooding by minimizing runoff and topsoil loss

-Provides habitat and nutrition for wildlife

-Creates jobs managing tree nurseries, planting and care

The Scene Badge

Badge_the-scene All the social butterflies

will love this badge. Check

in five times in 24 hours,

to earn this one.

The No-Sleep Badge

Badge_no-sleep Pulling an all nighter?  Check in

and donate in between 2am and

4am to earn this one.

The After Midnight Badge

Badge_midnight Check in and donate after midnight

to earn this mysterious beauty.


Feeling Groovy

“Oh it’s great! I spread the word to people around me as I’m doing it and try to tell them what I’m doing. When I donate the karmas I try and let people know ‘hey, I just helped plant a tree in the rainforest”.

-John Duckett from SpringField Missouri on how it feels to earn karmas


Apps For Good - CauseWorld on ABC News

Go CauseWorld!  Go shopkick!  Go Citi!  Go Kraft!  Go P&G!  Wootwoo!

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