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All You Need Is Love....and CauseWorld.

Congrats to everyone to earned the coveted Cupid Badge for donating to a cause on Valentine's Day!  Way to spread the love to those in need.  Are there more surprise badges on the way?  Maybe.  :)



Live, Learn and Thrive Joins CauseWorld

    Deliver a life-saving vaccination to mothers and newborns in Africa via Live, Learn and Thrive, CauseWorld’s awesome new cause.  At 200 karmas, this cause is worth saving up for!  Yeay for healthy mothers and babies!

                                  Live learn and thrive


Thank You Android Users!

CauseWorld appeared at the top of the Android market.  Thank you android users for giving our philanthropic mobile app a good ranking!  Yeay!

Android screenshot


Users, and Karmas, and Causes! Oh my!

We have many new and awesome users. Our rapid growth means that things are going to start changing, and this is exciting!  This week in the wonderful world of CauseWorld:

  karmas are now worth 5 : Yep, quite a change, we know.  But we want to make sure everyone has a chance to  donate to their favorite causes. That's why, starting today, check-ins will be worth 5 karmas.

   We're adding a bunch of new causes this month - stay tuned for new ones THIS WEEK!

   We're going to have special treats and bonuses for active users. Hint- you want to donate on Valentines ;) 

  More user involvement. YOU help us pick NEW causes - just vote on the poll on the side, ends February 28th

In just over a month, Causers have: 

* Helped offset over 600,000 pounds of carbon

* Helped provide over 98,000 meals to hungry Americans

* Helped donate water to over 60,000 people in Sudan

* Helped plant over 23,000 trees 

* Helped donate over 12,000 books to children

Woot! Keep it up!

Let's change the world!



Welcome to the CauseWorld blog!

    Here, you will find exciting insights into the CauseWorld community and updates on new features and changes.  We have received so many wonderful feature suggestions from you, our passionate users, and we’d love to incorporate all of them into our app!  Give us time… ;) The cause suggestions you have submitted have been great too!  With so many dedicated CauseWorld user submissions, we are thrilled with the span of social change we can make together.  From ‘going green’ to spreading breast cancer awareness, we hope to make the world a better place, one karma at a time.  Please use our blog as a place to comment, discuss, and strengthen your CauseWorld voice!